Touring in 2024

24th April 2024

This september and november we will be touring – Denmark dates are announced now – stay tuned for more international gigs.
Looking forward going back on the raod – see you out in the real world!

Order our new album “Natten”!

1st October 2021

After two years, we’re so excited to finally announce that our new record Natten (“The Night”) is being released on Sony and Luaka Bop this fall! Natten was inspired by the cosmos, by the sunset and by the nordic woods. It’s our most free, most transcendent music yet.

And it’s available for pre-order!

Reserve your copy and listen to the title track. We hope you like it 😉

Sheet music

26th April 2020

After many requests, we have transcribed three of our songs into sheet music.

You can download them via the links below (simply click the title), and any donation you are able to make, is welcome via Paypal to

Thank you! And enjoy!






NTS Radio

17th December 2019

We recorded a mix for NTS Radio recently, presenting inspirations and favourite tracks in an hour long session.

Give it a listen here.


Worldwide FM

16th December 2019

We recently visited the lovely Erika McKoy at Worldwide FM in London. We had a good chat about musical inspirations, ‘Utopia’ and nice food spots in Copenhagen, among other things.

You can listen to the show here.

Sunday mix for Crack Magazine

21st October 2019

We recently recorded a mixtape very suitable for Sundays, for Crack Magazine. Tracklist includes artists like Nick Drake, Jan Johansson, Hugh Mundell and many others and we guarantee that it will take you in many musical directions.

Check it out here.

‘Utopia’ out now!

18th October 2019

Our fourth album, ‘Utopia’ has just been released. It feels amazing and we hope you will take good care of it.


You can listen to the album here, and if you prefer the vinyl version, check out the links below. Yaqup Oxbjrg did the land-art as always.


Denmark / Scandinavia:

US / rest of world:


Vinyl preorder links

12th September 2019

The vinyl preorder links for our forthcoming album, Utopia, is now ready:

Denmark / Scandinavia:

US / rest of world:


Utopia will be released on October 18. 2019.

New album out in October

27th August 2019

We are very happy to announce, that we will release our fourth album on October 18. 2019. It is called ‘Utopia’ and it will be released on the label of David Byrne, Luaka Bop – worldwide, for the very first time.

It is all very exiting and more news to come soon, but for now you can listen to the single from the album. It’s called ‘Højder’ (meaning: Heights) and you can find it here.

Yaqup Oxbjr created the amazing artwork as always.

New single: Dråber

10th May 2019

After a way too long break in releases, we are super happy to announce the first single from our forthcoming album.

The track is called “Dråber” (Drops) and it is only released digitally for now. You can find it here.

The very awesome and talented Yaqup Oxbjr did the artwork as always.

Cover for BremerMccoy's "Dråber"


11th September 2024 - 20:00

Horsens Kirke

13th September 2024 - 20:00


14th September 2024 - 20:00


19th September 2024 - 20:00


20th September 2024 - 20:00

Esbjerg Musikhus

21st September 2024 - 20:00


22nd September 2024 - 20:00

Aabenraa Jazzer

26th September 2024 - 20:00


27th September 2024 - 20:00

Musikkens Hus

8th November 2024 - 20:00




“When it works for me,” says pianist Morten McCoy, “it’s pure meditation, pure prayer. Pure gratitude for simply being, without all kinds of jibber-jabber filling my thoughts.”

What were they up to? Nobody could tell—not even them. Bremer/McCoy recorded straight to tape so that they had as little time as possible to think about it. They just laid it down. They couldn’t really explain it.

“When it works for me,” says pianist Morten McCoy, “it’s pure meditation, pure prayer. Pure gratitude for simply being, without all kinds of jibber-jabber filling my thoughts.” A sentiment that tells you everything about the feeling and nothing about the sound.

McCoy and the bassist Jonathan Bremer started making music together back in 2012 when they were still in school. At first the Danish duo played dub. It’s hard to imagine that that’s how they started when you listen to the ethereal sounds they make now, but the influence becomes clearer when you see them live: they insist on traveling with their own sound system.

That might seem like a lot of effort for a quiet Danish duo, but for Bremer/McCoy, making music is all about what happens in the room. That’s why they go through the trouble of carrying their own equipment, and it’s why they record analog. When they write music, they aim for direct transmission—idea straight to composition.

Natten (“The Night”), their newest release out on Luaka Bop on Oct. 29, draws inspiration from the end of day, that regenerative time under the constellations when our lives look different.

“We felt a greater freedom this time around because we now have a much deeper understanding and grounding in what we’re doing,” says Bremer. “This allows us to venture further out than ever before, because we know that things typically fall into place.”

This is the pattern: Feeling grounded and then using that solid foundation to launch to greater heights. “It’s certainly our most cosmic album,” says McCoy. “But in order to space out, you have to know where you’re coming from. So the album ranges from tracks where you can hear everything that’s going on, to tracks that take us further out.”

There’s a hint in what Bremer and McCoy say of how they hope you will experience their music. As a key to something. A key to life, or possibly a key to appreciating new sounds. This is the feeling Bremer/McCoy’s music transmits that you won’t be able to shake. They’re trying to tell you something; you’ll hear it if you listen.

Morten McCoy

Morten McCoy is a pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and vinyl-DJ.

Morten McCoy (f. 1992) started his musical journey by digging deep into the Jamaican music-culture both as a musician, composer, concert-organizer and DJ. Since then he has been digging into both east- and west-african music as well as modern western sounds.

As a record-producer he has among other things been working hard on mastering the art of recording music analogue. In 2017 he worked as a co-composer on the award-winning soundtrack for the danish movie “Underverden”. That year he was also nominated by the association of Danish Music Critics as  “Musician of the Year” and “Composer of the Year” together with Jonathan Bremer in 2017.

He curates Livity Music – a subdivision of Raske Plader.

Jonathan Bremer

Jonathan Bremer is a musician, songwriter, label director and producer

Jonathan has been in the spotlight of the Danish jazzscene, since he in 2010 was hired by the newly reopened legendary jazzclub Montmartre as the house bassplayer.

He has toured with Niels Lan Doky in Europe and Asia, and in that context he has played with people like Gino Vannelli, David Sanborn and many others.

Starting with the Bremer/McCoy-albums he started to produce and record and in 2016 he founded Unity Rec. releasing analogue recorded jazz-music.

In 2016 he began working with the danish string-quartet Halvcirkel and in 2017 he produced their selftitled debut-LP.


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