7/7-2017 - 16/7-2017: TBA during CPH Jazz Festival

3/6-2017: Private gig, Vejle

24/3-2017: Lille Svenstrup, Ringsted

23/3-2017:Jazzhus Pitstop, Kolding

22/3-2017:Tape, Århus

14/10-2016: Buddhas Jazzklub, Hillerød

8/10-2016: Tapperiet, Køge

7/10-2016: TBA

6/10-2016: Huset, Aalborg

5/10-2016: Vallekilde Højskole

1/10-2016: TBA

30/9-2016: Kælderen, Struer

24/9-2016: Katapult, Århus m. 100% Max Akwaaba & AddisAbaba Band

22/9-2016: Walthers Musikcafé, Skanderborg

17/9-2016: Copenhagen Jazzhouse, København

24/8-2015: Nicolaj Scene, Kolding

22/8-2015: Privat fest, Djursland

21/8-2015: Folkets Park (early concert), København

13/8-2015: Strøm Festival, Kapelvej 44, København

8/7-2015: Go Boat, Københavns Havn

7/5-2015: Gians Steps, Svendborg

2/5-2015: Tapperiet, Køge

16/4-2015: Dexter, Odense

15/4-2015: Fermaten, Herning

10/4-2015: Jazzhouse, København

27/3-2015: 1000fryd, Aalborg

26/3-2015: Atlas, Århus

26/01-2015: Islands Brygge Kulturhus (VinterJa-2015), København

3/12-2014: Brorsons Kirke, København

11/10-2014: Copenhagen JazzHouse, København

5/09-2014: Bremen Teater, København

17/08-2014: Spring Festival, Klampenborg

27/07-2014: Himmelstorm Festival, Økosamfundet Dyssekilde

6/06-2014: Modern Jazz Days, Køge

25/04-2014: Kælderen, Struer


Jonathan Bremer

Jonathan Bremer (born 1991) has been in the spotlight of the Danish jazzscene, since he in 2010 was hired by the newly reopened legendary jazzclub Montmartre as the house bassplayer.

Bremer has released two albums with the band Surf in Stereo (with whom he won the prestigious Ung Jazz Award as a 17-year old) and two records with the world famous pianist Niels Lan Doky, who’s trio he is a regular member of.

He has toured with Niels Lan Doky in Europe and Asia, and in that context he has played with people like Gino Vannelli, David Sanborn and many others.

In his own projects, Bremer has experimented with mixing the acoustic with elements of electronica and dub, which shows the double bass from a new angle. In these projects he has co-opereated with artists such as Mike Sheridan, Mikkel Metal and Palle Mikkelborg.

Morten McCoy

Morten McCoy (born 1992) has been on the scene since he as 12 years old played his first concert as a pianist and singer with his old band The Skandals. The Skandals toured in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, played more than 50 shows between 2005-2009 and was at the time one of the youngest bands with that great live-experience.

Since then he has toured extensively throughout Europe, released two LP-albums, two 7" singles, and won a Danish Music Award World (best live band 2012) with Babylove & the Van Dangos. He won the Danish Youth Sound Clash (at Rub′A′Dub 2008) with Yute Rockers, and currently he is touring with danish dancehall stars Klumben & Raske Penge as the music director in their backing band "80′erne".

Their concert at Roskilde Festival 2012 and the tour right after it won them the prestigious Steppeulv award as Live Name of the Year.

Morten McCoy is primarely digging jamaican music with its roots being planted deeply in the original African culture, but the special melancholic nordic sound is also one of his biggest inspirations


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